What are the Benefits of a 0207 Central London number?

With a 0207 number you can create a 'virtual' location for your business in prestigious central London, one of the world's foremost commercial hubs.

A 0207 number is perfect for ambitious UK regional companies or overseas businesses wanting a UK presence.

What do I get with my 0207 number?

An 0207 number allowsyou to offer your callers the opportunity to call your company via a prestigious Central London Number which you can divert to your own phone number whether in the UK or overseas, fixed line or mobile.

The service includes Online Control Panel, Free Change of Diverts, Smart Hunting, Voicemail to Email, Call Statistics and switchboard (example, press 1 for sales, press 2 for support).

Get a 0207 number in just 24 hours. Receive faxes (separate 0207 number required for fax), setup voicemail, virtual switchboard. Forward calls to mobile and land lines, nationally and internationally. Manage your number through an easy to use control panel.

  • Control your 0207 number over the internet with an easy to use control panel
  • Make your number a switchboard number or normal number all over the net and in seconds!
  • Divert calls to land line, mobile or international locations (They system will hunt you down on all those numbers)
  • Optional - Divert calls to our Live Answering Service (a receptionist will answer the call on your behalf and email/sms you the message and contact details of the caller) This is an addon service, more details
  • The service is just a forwarding service.
  • You will not need to change your existing phone numbers.

How does a 0207 Number work?

All of our numbers come with an easy to use control panel which you access via the internet. Just enter the number or numbers you want to divert your call to.

There is no need for extra lines or equipment to use the service. It works using your existing phone numbers.

When your customer phones you on your 0207 number, the call is automatically redirected to the number you specified in your control panel. You can make these changes through the control panel 24x7 and changes take effect in real time.

The control panel has an easy to use call hunting facility. You could set calls to go to your office first & then your mobile.

When someone phones you on your number the call will first be diverted to your office number if you do not answer it will try you on your mobile number.

Do you want us to answer your calls on your behalf when you are unavailable?

If you are unable to answer it could go to voicemail or to our Live Answering Service which is an extra, chargeable service.The live answering service would act as a backup service for you so that only calls that you do not answer would be taken by the Live Answering Team.

A skilled receptionist based in the UK will answer calls in your company name using your preferred greeting, and takes the caller's name, number and a short message. You receive immediate notification (including the caller's message and contact details) by email and SMS.

Our 0207 numbers are quick & easy to set up & our prices start at just £3.00 per month for the line rental.

You can forward calls for just one pence per minute to UK landlines with competitive rates for forwarding to mobiles & overseas numbers.

To get started just choose your number from the list of numbers on this page & you can start accepting 0207 calls for your business.